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FOODPRO THERMO are premium food grade, ISO VG 32 and 100, heat transfer fluids designed to provide outstanding thermal and chemical oxidation stability in food industry applications. They have excellent specific heat and thermal conductivity properties at a wide range of temperatures providing rapid and efficient heating in a system without build up of deposits or thermal cracking. They are recommended for closed, cold-oil sealed, heat transfer systems where the maximum temperature does not exceed 315 OC for Foodpro Thermo 32 and 325 OC for Foodpro Thermo 100. The minimum shutdown temperature should not be less than –15 oC for both products. Foodpro Thermo 32 is preferred for low temperature start-up conditions whereas Foodpro Thermo 100 is particularly suitable for systems operating in hot climates. Foodpro SynThermo is suitable for very low temperatures down to -42C. They contain Vitamin E anti-oxidant, certified by NSF HT-1 & Halal and comply with FDA Regulation 178.3570 requirements for incidental contact with food.

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