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INDPRO AERO SERIES are premium air compressor lubricants formulated with a special ashless additive system that will minimise carbon and sludge build-up in high temperature zones and therefore extend life and maintenance periods of valves, ports and other critical compressor parts. They are available in ISO 32, 46, 68 & 100 Viscosity Grades and recommended for the lubrication of cylinders and crankcases of reciprocating air compressors and are particularly suitable for rotary air compressors requiring mineral oils. They meet DIN 51506 (VBL, VCL, VDL) and ISO/OP (DAA, DAB, DAH, DAG) industry specifications.

INDPRO AERO S SERIES are fully synthetic air compressor lubricants formulated with blends of synthesised hydrocarbons and ester fluids. These fluids together with a specially developed compatible additive system are designed to cope with severe air compressor service. They exhibit low coking plus superior thermal and oxidation stability which allows them to operate over a wide temperature range. They are an excellent choice when extended drain intervals are desired and are recommended for rotary compressors with high final stage compression temperatures or compressors that tend to form varnish or deposits. They are available in ISO 32, 46, 68 & 100 Viscosity Grades and meet DIN 51506 VDL industry specification.


INDPRO POLAR SERIES are premium ISO VG 32, 46 & 68 oils designed for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors. They possess outstanding fluidity at very low temperatures with a low Freon R-12 Floc Point of  typically    –40 oC.  They have been formulated to ensure that evaporator tubes are maintained in a clean state so that heat transfer is optimised and downtime/maintenance minimised. They are compatible with most commonly used refrigerants such as halogens and ammonia and recommended for lubrication of cylinders and bearings in all conventional refrigeration compressors and any other suitable machinery operating at very low temperatures.



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