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INDPRO SLIDE SW SERIES are premium performance oils designed to meet the lubrication, accuracy and finish requirements for processes utilising high quality machine tools. They possess excellent stick-slip low friction characteristics, adhesiveness and lubricity to eliminate chatter under thin film boundary lubrication conditions to allow smooth operation even at low speeds. In addition they provide outstanding rust and corrosion protection even in the presence of aqueous coolants. They exhibit excellent filterability and are low foaming oils and will readily separate water.  They will provide protection even when machines are not in operation. They are available in three ISO VG viscosity groups to cover a wide range of applications and are recommended as slideway lubricants for most combinations of iron, steel and non-metallic materials, and as a lubricant for machine tool parts such as ballscrews, linear guides, spur & bevel gears.


INDPRO SPIN SERIES are special low viscosity, light coloured oils designed to lubricate very high speed spindles found mainly in the textile industry.  They contain additive compounds that protect against wear and rusting. They will prolong tool life and therefore reduce maintenance costs. They are recommended for spindle bearings in machine tools and other equipment where high speeds and fine tolerances are encountered such as lathes, precision grinders, jig borers and tracer mechanisms. They can also be employed as air line oilers (INDPRO SPIN 10) and used in sensitive equipment such as laboratory instruments.

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