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INDPRO RUSTGARD WD SERIES consist of three specially formulated water displacing rust preventives formulated to cover the most common applications found in general industry. Indpro RustGard WD Light is a light body petroleum solvent based penetrating fluid recommended for the protection of finely finished machine parts including those parts coated with water soluble cutting fluids. It is also suitable for applying to parts for storage and/or transport as a temporary preventive. Indpro RustGard WD Medium is an oil based rust preventive which will protect the internal surfaces of equipment such as engines, compressors, hydraulic & circulation systems plus splash lubricated parts. It is recommended for this type of equipment while in storage, or being transported. Indpro RustGard WD Heavy is a wax/grease type product which will provide a strong protective film and is particularly recommended for wire rope and steel sheet. It will protect surfaces from fresh and salt water corrosion and adhere without being tacky or stringy.

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