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GEAR OIL for AUTOMATIC is a premium semi-synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle gear oil formulated from high quality mineral and synthetic basestocks and an advanced additive package to meet the severe service demands of modern 4-stroke automatic motorcycles. It is recommended for use in all major and specialized automatic (CVT Belt Drive) 4-stroke motorcycles.


CHAIN LUBE is a spray-on motorcycle chain lubricant that forms a tenacious and tacky oil film on all the moving parts of a chain. It will dramatically extend chain life. It is primarily recommended for the lubrication and protection of motorcycle chains. However it is suitable for many other spray-on applications such as industrial chains, saws, bars, wire ropes and conveyors.


Multipurpose Oil Spray is a spray-on general purpose penetrating oil. Its features and properties include lubricant, water/moisture repellant, parts cleaner, rust protector and mechanism loosener suitable for a variety of motorcycle, automotive, industrial and household applications. Its powerful penetrating characteristics allows for many uses such as lubrication of squeaky/noisy parts such as door hinges, windows, wheels, rollers etc plus displacement of water from distributors, spark plugs, relays etc. It is also very effective for loosening rusted parts such as frozen bolts, valves, locks etc.


Coolant is a state-of-the-art automotive engine/radiator coolant specifically formulated for the high ambient temperatures of South East Asia. It will maximise engine cooling efficiency and, most importantly, provide the highest level of corrosion protection to the entire cooling system. The overall result is lower operating temperatures, a cooler running engine, improved engine durability and lower maintenance costs. It is recommended for the cooling system of most types of cast iron and especially alloy combustion engines including motorcycle, gasoline, mobile & stationary diesel, LPG and LNG. It contains Monoethylene Glycol to provide overheating and frost protection and meets the stringent corrosion specifications of the following international organisations: Ford Specification ESR-FM7C35-C, British Standard BS 6580, Japanese Standard JIS K2234, Australian Standard AS/NZ 2108.1.1997, ASTM D1384 & ASTM D4340.


BRAKE FLUID is a high performance DOT 3 Class 400 fluid based on glycol/ether technology compatible with rubber seal components and suitable for use in most automotive brake and clutch systems. It is a high boiling point fluid and contains inhibitors that will provide system corrosion protection. It is recommended for all drum, disc and ABS type anti-skid braking systems requiring this performance classification and complies with USA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 116 and SAE J1703.

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