Project Friends Help Friends Stop Smoking Year 2010

We took a trip to Kanchanaburi Province for a seminar and activity Friends Help Friends Stop Smoking. This year we hold the success rate is at 87% out of 11 employees who joined the program.

PDM values their employees, and intends to help them live healthier. From our internal survey, we discovered that many employees wanted to stop smoking. We realized that if they can stop smoking, people around them, and their families can benefit from it too. So, we were more than happy to support their aspiration.

The plan was to support them, raise the awareness, and replace destructing habbits with constructive and positive habbits. After the trip from Kanchanaburi, we put together a few activities, seminars and cut-outs at our plant as follow-up to keep their determination up and strong:


  • Recreational activities to pursuade friends at the plant to stop smoking.
  • Seminar to make known to our employees about the danger the cigarettes bring to the smokers and people around them.
  • Promoting smoke-free awareness with competition and tokens of rewards through quizzes and Thai verses.


PDM appreciates all employees and supervisors who devoted their time and effort to help make a better workplace for years to come.

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