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One Wish For Our King 2009

We wished for our King to be in good health, and prosper in our hearts forever . Our employees were invited to join the project at the plant.  To donate only one coin of each include the list of how to encourage ourself and let all thai love together and give all for Dabos Foundation



Project Friends Help Friends Stop Smoking Year 2010

We took a trip to Kanchanaburi Province for a seminar and activity Friends Help Friends Stop Smoking. This year we hold the success rate is at 87% out of 11 employees who joined the program.


The Star Fights Drugs Abuse

At PDM we have always been mindful of the health and quality of life of our employees. For many years we have encouraged our staff to be knowledgeable and cautious in these matters, and to enjoy social activities without the use of addictive drug taking.

This awareness campaign is ongoing. Novel events such as a singing contest amongst employees and their families to find a “star” have been recently organised to emphasise the dangers of drugs in a fun and educational way.

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