Quality Assurance Reward in each section Outstanding Award for AIDS prevention
Outstanding Award for AIDS prevention

Granted by Her Highness Princess of Royal Somsalvali Worarajathinathamadth, The Red Cross.

The United Nations AIDS program has determined that on December 1 of each year is World AIDS Day in order to encourage public awareness of AIDS and the importance to work together to prevent problems.

The Red Cross collaborates with Army, Ministry of Interior, Bangkok, Ministry of Labour, Agencies and NGOs, civil society working image for AIDS comments artists and labels World AIDS Day activities every year under a theme "Candle shines through the heart" by a party nomination for selection to the social benefits and problems of AIDS prevention campaigns as well as to assist and support all aspects of infection and enhancing knowledge and understanding to the family and society. One that will benefit society in medical and public health, creative media, the establishment of educational institutions, family and club or group will be granted an award by Her Highness Princess of Royal Somsalvali Worarajathinathamadth

In the Selection Committee for selecting a person who benefits the society will have to carry out all over the country. The Red Cross requests cooperations from various organizations in many fields to find suitable candidates for the award.

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