Quality Assurance Reward in each section Outstanding Award for the prevention and suppression of drug and narcotics
Outstanding Award for the prevention and suppression of drug and narcotics

Granted by the Office of Anti Narcotics from Mr Vejjajiva, Prime Minister of Thailand, this award is only granted to 9 organizations in Thailand

PPS office is as Secretary General of the Internal Security Operations Command foundation with prevention and combating drugs held a personal award projects, and organizations with outstanding performance in preventing and solving drug problems on the occasion of the anti-drug. It aims to celebrate honor morales and the policy focus on preventing and solving drug problems. Under the strategy, five anti-fence to build immunity, the government has processes for people involved in both government and public image have been working together, integrated and optimization, including controlled substances if and to reduce the problem by creating activities. The process is strengthen 5 borders:

  1. Military border fence is to prevent drug smuggling along the border track.
  2. Community border is immunization in villages / communities.
  3. Social border is to organize the social integration of society. Eliminate risk factors in order to strengthen society in every province.
  4. School border is to strengthen education in schools so the younger generations are immune.
  5. Family border is to strengthen family as the basic unit of society. This will lead to cooperation in surveillance and protect against coming back to drugs.

The operation of the awards program has operated as a regular ongoing since 2537 until now to be a good role model for people and organizations in preventing and solving drug problems contact.

In the year 2552, Committee has considered the selection of persons and organizations which have contributed excellent and outstanding in preventing and solving drug problems. On the occasion of the anti-drug day (26 June), which was divided into the five areas of drug prevention: narcotics, the development of treatment and drug addiction, the promotion / support to solve drug problems, policy against developing drug problems, and youth with outstanding performance and joint activities to preventing and solving drug problems. Based on both individual and organizational levels that are two excellent and outstanding artists, including 141 cases and actors who represent the underlying youth anti-drug, 5 total number of 146 cases.

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