Quality Assurance Reward in each section Establishments Outstanding Industrial Relations
Establishments Outstanding Industrial Relations

Granted by Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour. Number of establishments that have won in year 2553 were 559. PDM has won in the category for 5 consecutive years.

Department of Labour Protection and Welfare established a contest for Outstanding Industrial Relations and Labor Welfare. The objective is to promote good labor relations in the workplace and labor problems in the termination of the bilateral system by ecouraging employers and entrepreneurs to realize the importance of developing patterns and welfare workers in the place of business to employee quality of work life better. It led to work together more effectively and are compatible with good relationship to each other.

The rules and features of the place of business participating in the contest are private sector business establishments around the country, union and non union. The non-union workplace committee must have a bilateral system sets a role in the promotion of labor and Welfare workers in the workplace, such as Commission employees or welfare committee in the workplace, safety committee or health and environment at work or the Joint Committee to discuss the management and employees and must be presented in terms of labor and welfare workers during the year.

The workplace participating in the contest are required to perform under the Labour Protection Act 2541 and Labour Relations Act in 2518 if the place of business is corporate or multi-agency. Entry can be sent to all departments or branches. The qualified workplace will be awarded a plaque from the Prime Minister of Fame.

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