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Halal Certification Mark

This certificate confirms that the lubricant can be employed in plants and packaging used to produce food for the Islamic community. Approval is granted by Central Islamic Committee of Thailand and validated by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

Halal certification mark is a religous practice of Islam subject to the guidelines of the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand and the Provincial Islamic Committee for Halal food to protect Muslim consumers.

  1. Muslims who consume Halal food believe that it conforms to relevant Islamic law. It is hygienic, safe from the Islamic taboo (Ha-ROM) and other contaminants.
  2. It benefits businesses to be aware of the necessity for Halal approval for food production as required under Islamic law and to comply with the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand guidelines for the Halal certification. As well it improves the safety standards for Halal food production.
  3. Halal certification can also benefit the nation with government support in developing the Halal food industry leading to export opportunities for Islamic food to World markets.

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