Quality Assurance
Outstanding Award for AIDS prevention

Granted by Her Highness Princess of Royal Somsalvali Worarajathinathamadth, The Red Cross.


Thailand 5S Award

Granted by Technology Promotion Association (Thailand - Japan), PDM received two awards in a Silver Award and Popular Vote making it the first and only laborers in Samutrsakorn province.


The health and safety of those people who manufacture, handle & use VELOIL products is of paramount importance to us. We are also committed to the protection of the environment through our operating practices and the careful formulation of our products.

Most of our products are generally regarded as being safe. No special precautions are normally required when handling them. However, as most products are petroleum based, good personal hygiene is recommended.

Prolonged and repeated skin contact should be avoided. After any spills or personal contact, the skin area should be washed with soap and water. Clothing should be laundered.

All relevant information for each product is available on the Material Safety Data Sheet. We urge you to obtain and carefully read these sheets.

The VELOIL facility that manufactures and fills our products was awarded in 2004 a prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in workplace safety and environmental awareness.

PDM is committed to providing its customers with top quality products and services. In order to fulfill this commitment we have recently built a modern manufacturing facility near Bangkok that incorporates a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. Most importantly we have a loyal, well-trained and highly skilled workforce.

Our focus on quality is best exemplified by the following accreditations we have achieved:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • TISI 17025 – 2548 (2005)
  • ExxonMobil Product Quality Management System (PQMS)
  • ExxonMobil Quality Practices & Guidelines (QP&G) includes Data Integrity Assurance Framework (DIAF)

From 1999, PDM has been improving our standards in out production, and in workplace. We are committed to continue to do so in the future. You can always rely on us. This is the steps we took to be one of the best production plant in Thailand.


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